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Our experience in engineering and design has established us as a leader in the technical staffing industry.

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Welcome to the automotive capital of the world.

Serving Detroit automotive engineering and design for over twenty years.

It's not always just another day at the office.

Direct Staff is supporting government defense contractors providing military and defense technical expertise.

Matching unique challenges with unique minds.

Engineering and design recruitment specialists.

Powering the future economy.

Direct Staff: plugging into electric vehicle, lithium ion battery, and solar technology.

Our philosophy is integral to our success

Direct Staff serves the North American Engineering & Design community with the most experienced and diverse technical services by integrating a highly qualified technical staff, advanced technologies and robust processes.

Our experience in Engineering, Design has established us as a leader in the technical staffing industry. Direct Staff works with a broad base of large and small client firms in the automotive, defense, industrial and manufacturing industry.

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